Where to buy our products

Colours & Green is an importer of high quality silk flowers and plants.
We supply to florists and stylists all over the world.

Showroom Colours & Green Holland

We have a showroom in Holland where you are very welcome, please contact us by phone or email when you’d like to pay us a visit.

De Roysloot 6
2231 NZ Rijnsburg
T: 0031 714080888
The Netherlands

In the webshop you can find our collection that we continuously update with new items throughout the year.

For questions or additional information please contact:

Jan Willem Plug (South of Holland)  +31(0)622930829  janwillem@coloursandgreen.com
Robin Dobson (North of Holland)  +31(0)622485346  robin@coloursandgreen.com
Marc van Kruistum (Germany)  +31(0)612971063  marc@coloursandgreen.com
Jeroen de Snaijer (Belgium / France)  +31(0)612505435  jeroen@coloursandgreen.com
Rienk Kralt (United Kingdom / General)  +31(0)651030781  rienk@coloursandgreen.com
Lindsey de Jong (Cash & Carry)  +31(0)613988222  cc@coloursandgreen.com